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Quarantined Files!! and File Recovery


I would to ask some questions about Quarantined Files, File Recovery, and the Gutmann Method

Question 1.)

I would like to ask what will happen to the "Quarantines Files" after deleting it? is it recoverable? or permanaently deleted? because I'm trying to update an Audio/Video Converter and it ask me to download the file from there website but before I install it, I check for the site and the installer if it's safe through the help of and everything seems positive no negative comments or rating even the result but when I tried to install it, it says Artemis Trojan detected then I deleted the file.

Question 2.)

Is there a way to recover all deleted files from the "Recycle Bin" without recovering "Quarantined Files?"

Question 3.)

Is there any method out there to delete files better than the "Gutmann Method" or it just enough to hardly recover files? and how to permanently delete files deleted in the past (deleted using the standard delete / empty bin option)

Thank You in Advance!

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Re: Quarantined Files!! and File Recovery

Moved to the Artemis Discussions sub-section for better handling.   Please post the Artemis detection number in your response here to assist the labs and maybe they will clear it for you.

I'm afraid I've never heard of the Gutmann Method until now so am totally unfamiliar with it.

In the meanwhile, here are some steps to take to get around it:

You've always been able to restore anything in the Recycle Bin and you can restore items from the Quarantine folder if you turn off Real-Time Scanning first.

However be warned as that mode leaves you unprotected.

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