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Possible virus?

After browsing the internet, unexpectedly my page was re-directed to a blank screen with a pop-up window, claiming "Caution, your computer contains a variety of suspicious programs.Your System requires immediate checking! The System will perform a fast and free check your PC for malicious programs."  Now despite the bad grammar, I'm not stupid enough to not realise this is just one of those winfixer-style things, but here's a point, I have an up to date McAfee installed, and I was browsing only 'trusted sites' according to SiteAdvisor. So how is this happening eh?

Couple of days later, this has happened again. So I took a screenshot. After this dialog box, clicking on the x just redirects so some kind of animation of a fake scan taking place with loads of fake viri showing up, and upon trying to exit it repeatedly keeps popping up the dialog box. So obviously I have to close IE from the task manager, but due to this stupid new IE feauture of 're-opening the browser' whenever it's 'closed unexpectedly' it takes some persistence.

Is this a virus, or is site advisor just incompetent. Either way some part of this software aint doing it's job


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