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Possible false positive - Artemis!292689F07865


I recently downloaded the game "Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries", which is a free, legitimate copy of the computer game. McAfee SecurityCenter quarantined it, saying that it was an Artemis trojan, specifically Artemis!292689F07865. I noticed someone had experienced this as well (last year even!) and it doesn't seem to have been fixed. This is very upsetting as I would like to be able to play the game and had to spend an hour downloading it only to be hit with quarantine, and the only way out is disabling the virus scanner which would leave me open to threats.

Also, when I was able to remove it from my quarantined files, I tried updating the game to its newest version and every time I clicked the .exe McAfee would constantly mark it as a trojan (the same Artemis one I described above) and delete it.

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Re: Possible false positive - Artemis!292689F07865

Marking this thread as 'Assumed Answered' as it is over (4) years old.



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