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Possible Zero Access Rootkit Virus (Trojan)


I am new here to this forum.  I am trying everything to rid this but when I try to download the fix for this with McAfee, it will not allow me to download the exe file.  What do I do now?


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Re: Possible Zero Access Rootkit Virus (Trojan)

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First can you boot into Safe Mode?

If so you could initiate System Restore to a time before it hit.

or....try the following removal guide:  Remove Trojan ZeroAccess virus (Removal Guide)

Also take a read of my guide which has hints and tools linked all on one page:  Anti-Spyware/Malware/Hijacker Tools

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Re: Possible Zero Access Rootkit Virus (Trojan)

Please tell us exactly what you're trying to download - but a simple solution is to download it on another PC, put it on a usb stick and then use it.

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