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Possible False Positive - Artemis!92DDFC4533D4


On December 7th I submitted a false positive for our product BIOSAgentPlus per the only instructions that could be found on the McAfee site. 

I received an automated response from McAfee Labs that "Automated analysis was not able to determine that this file is malware. This file is being sent for further processing and the DAT files will potentially be updated if detection of this sample is warranted." and yet this issue has not been resolved in any of the virus definitions released since.  Since submitting this email I contacted McAfee several more times including spending 45 minutes in a live chat with a McAfee support representative who in the end was only able to tell me to send me a set of instructions to submit my sample, which happened to be the same instructions found on the McAfee website (which I already followed).

Additionally there is a form on the McAfee website that is supposed to be used to submit false postives, yet it requires that you select the product that detected the false positive but there was not even a selection close to the name of the product making the detection.

If you can't tell at this point I am very disapointed and frustrated with McAfee regarding this issue.  McAfee was not the only AV to detect a false positive in BIOSAgentPlus but is the only company who hasn't resolved this issue within 24 hours.  This is very suprising knowing the size or McAfee and it's good reputation compared to some of the other AV companies who corrrected this issue quickly and easily.

What can be done to have this false postive fixed so that we don't continue to lose reputation and customers?

A download of our product can be found here:                    

Thanks in advance!


Adding additional Details:

filename: biosagentplus.exe



Program Used: McAfee AntiVirus Plus

Version Info:
McAfee SecurityCenter
Version: 11.0
Build: 11.0.623
Affid: 0
Language: en-us
Last Update: 12/21/2011

McAfee VirusScan
Version: 15.0
Build: 15.0.294
Last Update: 12/21/2011
DAT Version: 6578.0000
DAT Creation Date: 1/3/2012
Boot DAT Version: 6551.0000
Boot DAT Creation Date: 12/5/2011
Engine Version: 5400.1158

VirusTotal also makes this detection under McAfee and McAfee-GW-Edition.

I hope this additional information helps to get this resolved ASAP.

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Re: Possible False Positive - Artemis!92DDFC4533D4

Unanswered post - attention please

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Re: Possible False Positive - Artemis!92DDFC4533D4

Still an issue ? If so post back

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Re: Possible False Positive - Artemis!92DDFC4533D4


This is already fixed. We no longer detect this file.



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