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Possible False Positive - Artemis!62DEB6A7AF6D


We are a software development company and Joyfax Server is one of our products. It's currently being reported as"Artemis!62DEB6A7AF6D"

VirusTotal scanning report at:

The software could be downloaded at:

Would you please check and get this False Positive corrected?

Or let me know what we should do to get this fixed.



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Re: Possible False Positive - Artemis!62DEB6A7AF6D

In the likely event simply posting here doesn't create a tracked false positive sample submission,   see  for the official methods.  BAsically zip encrypt the sample with pw infection and email

  • Email
    You may submit samples directly to McAfee Labs by attaching the file(s) in an email to When submitting samples via email, you must archive them in a password-protected Zip file with the password “infected” (all lowercase). For instructions on how to create a Zip file and password protect it, see these articles:

Using WinZip

Using Windows File Compression

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Re: Possible False Positive - Artemis!62DEB6A7AF6D

Artemis detections have their own sub-section in Malware Discussion so I've moved this thread into that section.

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