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Please help me get rid of Generic pup.x & Generic pup.z

I do not know anyhing about computer security or how to get rid of viruses. I have been performing a scan via McAfee and I continue to get this:

2 items detected, 0 items fixed, 0 items quarantined and 2 items remaining.  I try to delete them but, McAfee says that they are unable to delete it.  It just says McAfee has attempted to disable this program, but some parts of it cannot be removed.

Generic PUP.x =

  • File Name: CSmiley IndifferentWindows|System32|config|systemprofile|AppData|Local|Microsoft|Windows|Teporary

        Internet Files|Content.IE5|E8D363L3|upgrade[1].cab

Generic PUP.z

  • File Name: CSmiley IndifferentWindows|System32


       Internet Files|Content.IE5|DWDLTO64|upgrade[1].cab

Thank you so very much for your help!!!!!

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Re: Please help me get rid of Generic pup.x & Generic pup.z

To find detailed information about viruses and other malware, please review McAfee Labs' Virus Information Library:                                                         
You may wish to submit future malware samples to:                                                  
It may be the best option if you are having a problem with gateway scanners stripping  your sample submission.                                                              
If you believe your computer is infected, but are unsure which files should be submitted to McAfee Labs for review, please visit:                           


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