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Please Help...I have no clue what to do

I am using McAfee Total Protection and today it alerted me that a trojan had been detected and removed. I decided to run a scan to be sure nothing was remaining. The scan detected no other problems, however, I continue to receive alerts ( not from McAfee) that I have a trojan SPM/LX. The alert window just says warning at the top and has a red circle with an "x" in it so I don't know where it's coming from. It takes me to a purchase option for an anrivirus program. I had a live chat with a McAfee tech. who sent me a link to find free virus removal tools from McAfee. I followed the link but got real confused real FAST.  My question is..where do I start, in order to figure out what virus I have and how to remove it? Do I go to the  "Avert tools" , or the "virus removal forum" or "webimmune"  or " virus information library" ? Please help..I'm lost!

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Re: Please Help...I have no clue what to do

If you have Windows XP or 2000 run this tool:

If you have any other Windows (including XP) try the free versions of these two tools and update them before running.  Let them remove anything they find and reboot if asked to. (except for Windows 7 32-bit, use the one below)

I moved this to Malware Discussions by the way.

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