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Please Help! BankerFox.A and Win32/Nuqel.E..?!

Hi! As of two hours ago i have been getting non stop "Security Warning" pop ups! They come up everytime i try to open McAfee or Control Panel. They say things like "application cannot be executed. The file ___ is infected. Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?"

As well as another "Antivirus software alert" pop up on the bottom right hand corner of the screen that asks if i want to block an attack by the bankerfox and win32/nuqel threats!

Overall, im getting popups every second asking to install, download this antivirus!

I have been following other threads on this exact problem but cannot seem to download any tools/programs because this virus thing wont let me! Please please help!! It keeps getting worse! What do i DOO!!?

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Re: Please Help! BankerFox.A and Win32/Nuqel.E..?!

I had this problem yesterday.  Here is how i got rid of it:

Reboot computer hitting f12 

click on safe mode.

go to programs,accessories, system tools, system restore.

restore to a previous date before virus entered system

Go to programs and see if there are any new programs that you did not install.

Control panel, programs, uninstall any program you do not recognize.  You can check by date

Go on line.

Download Malwarebyte Anti-Malware

it is a free program.  Run a comprehensive scan.

It should resolve the problem.

The question is why doesn't McAfee find this virus?

Update McAfee-for what ever good that may do.

Good Luck


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Re: Please Help! BankerFox.A and Win32/Nuqel.E..?!

drmfh80, I'm very grateful.  I got this f***ing thing [I THINK from a supposed music CD site, with a song called Please Freeze Me].  Your cure worked for me.  If it's any consolation, AVG (fully paid up, says everything's working) missed it too.

A few thoughts --

I ran 'search' from windows to look for any .exe file on the same day, and got 3 suspicious looking ones at the time on the infection.  Removed them - though it needed 'unlocker'

Then after running malwarebytes, I thought I'd set AVG to the highest ratings.  I found tick-boxed report forms for 'Contains macros', 'locked file' [ie can't be opened and read], and 'password protceted'.  As well as cookies.

Contains macros - some are eg spreadsheets but i have site grabbed files which show this; I deleted them to be on the safe side.

Password protected - I believe the password is exclusive-ORd with the data.  Right password springs it back to life - and it might presuambly be a virus.  So I deleted suspicious looking ones.

Locked file - not tested.  Again, if it looks suspicious...

Currently redoing malwarebytes, fully updated, on all my disks... it'll take hours...

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Re: Please Help! BankerFox.A and Win32/Nuqel.E..?!


If you are having issues with pop ups showing the detection names please have a read through this blog post

Kind regards,


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Re: Please Help! BankerFox.A and Win32/Nuqel.E..?!

I had the same thing on all 4 computers. I used malwarbyte's antimalware and it erased the infections but they came back after restart. When I ran it agian it DID NOT DETECT IT. I could't go anywhere as it blocked Mcafee's site etc. It even blocked regedit.I bought lava soft's anti spyware and it blocked the cd form loading. I finally "beat it" by doing a msconfig and blocked it form the start up menu. So when I rebooted it did not start up and Ii was able to access regedit. I also, undid all the proxy settings etc on all my browsers.I was able to got to Mcafee and downlaod the latest software. Lot's of hours spent on this. Sigh...