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Patch Tuesday has effect of nullifying McAfee Subs

Every month, at the time of Patch Tuesday, after Windows XP automatic updates are installed, McAfee produces message to say that my computer is at risk and that I need to renew my  subscription (expires Spring 2013). Easily fixed by using McAfee Subs Fix Tool, signing in, choosing my subscription then restarting PC. But it is not always convenient to do this palaver - and it shouldn't be necessary. Anyone have any idea why this should be happening? Thanks in anticipation.  

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Re: Patch Tuesday has effect of nullifying McAfee Subs

I haven't experienced that myself, however my XP installations are all in Virtual Machines, but that shouldn't make a difference.   I haven't come across this in the forums either so perhaps your best bet is to contact Technical Support directly.  It's free and the link is in under Useful Links at the top of the forum.

Edit:  make sure your system is totally up to date with all updates even those for parts you may not use (IE for instance which should be IE8 for XP) and then run the MVT see if that helps.

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Re: Patch Tuesday has effect of nullifying McAfee Subs

Many thanks for your rapid response; I'll follow up your suggestions.

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