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PWS-Zbot.dx - Restart computer

I recently posted about my McAfee history being consumed with a trojan named PWS-Zbot.dx (thread here: ). I dismissed the issue, as my virus protection always said it was fine, and said the computer was secure. And it only comes and goes.

However today, when I was using my printer, a notification popped up with the same virus name, and said I needed to restart my computer, click "restart now" or "restart later." I selected "restart later," and opened up McAfee, where it said the computer was secure.

Basically, since this virus has gone on a while, and not been a huge threat to McAfee, do I really need to restart my computer?

I don't want to have to do that because I previously had issues with the firewall not staying on, and I don't want restarting my computer to have any effect on that.

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Re: PWS-Zbot.dx - Restart computer

Your machine should be rebooted at frequent intervals otherwise updates wont register correctly and often internal maintenance wont complete unless you do.  If you are still worried it would have been better to simply repons with this on that original thread, but no matter.  Why don't you run Hijackthis and post its log on specialist forums as directed in the last link in  my signature below.  Scroll down, it's nearer the bottom of that page.

They will tell you what is wrong.

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