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So... this has been going on for about a month or so now on and off.  I use Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP and I run McAfee Total Protection.  Here is the problem I am encountering...

When I log on to Internet Explorer, my CPU instantly goes into slow mode.  All of my programs become unresponsive, my Java will not load, my pictures and icons disappear and reappear randomly, and everything just runs SLOW!  More concerning to me though, aside from the delayed performance time, is the fact that if I open up my task manager while I am running Internet Explorer, I see that although I only have 1 window opened, I have duplicate and sometimes 3 or more listings of iexplore.exe running in my task manager, with memory usage ranging from a normal 5,000 K to 10,000 K all the way up as high as 300,000 K or 400,000 K at times.  I know this is not normal, as I am only running 1 single window of Internet Explorer and these other programs are running in the background.  Can someone please PLEASE help me out and tell me how to get rid of this?

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If you suspect you're infected and have trouble finding what is causing the infection, I'd suggest giving this handy tool a try.

"McAfee GetSusp is intended for users who suspect undetected malware on their system. By using a combination of clever heuristics and querying McAfee's online database of known clean files to gather suspicious files, GetSusp eliminates the user's need for deep technical knowledge of computer systems to isolate undetected malware. McAfee GetSusp is recommended as a tool of first choice when analyzing a suspect machine."

Get it from here:

Once GetSusp identifies and collects the suspect files, post the logs here and we community members can help.


Vinoo Thomas

Technical Product Manager, McAfee Labs

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