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PC is affected with malware!!

Hey! I think my Windows 8 PC is affected with Malware. There are a few important files in the PC that I can't afford to lose or else I would have tried to reinstall the OS. I should be blamed for to an extend as I didn't install a proper, paid Antivirus software before. All I had was a free version AVG Antivirus, which I don't think was even the latest version. Worse, I have read about prevention of malware or spyware in a blog by NCI just a couple of weeks back. Even then, I haven't thought that I will be a victim of malware soon enough. I have learned my lesson and purchased a subscription of Mcafee for a year. If I install it and do a complete system scan, can I identify the malware and remove them without affecting good, important files? Or is there something else I should do to take care of this issue?                                           

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Re: PC is affected with malware!!

Make sure your operating system is totally up to date, including parts you may not use such as Internet Explorer, and in your case you should be at Windows 8.1 not 8.

A good security suite is better protection than an antivirus alone but nothing is 100% guaranteed.

As you don't name the malware, before trying to install McAfee I suggest you try a few tools to get rid of the infection.

Try AdwCleaner and MalwareBytes Free both linked HERE and if they don't help see the "Farbar" links near the bottom of that page. (Scroll down).

The alternative is to use a professional virus removal service and that costs money.

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Re: PC is affected with malware!!

Also make sure you completely removed your prior Security software,to include using the products own personal removal tool. So it does not clash with McAfee.

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