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New User help please

I am a new user of this site and have been prompted to ask for help. My current McAfee Antivus Plus keeps telling me I have a virus problem with Adware-One Step k but then says it cant remove this from my pc. Does anyone have a solution please.

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Re: New User help please

Hi krisis,

See in particular the removal tab and see the instructions there for ME/XP also apply to Vista/Windows 7 (I wish they'd update their links, we have asked many times).  Basically disable System Restore and if necessary tro scanning in Safe Mode.   To reach that tap F8 repeatedly while booting up and once in that mode, go to Computer (Vista/Win 7), My Computer (XP) and then right-click the hard drive and select Scan from the drop-down menu.

You'll see only taskbar activity and hovering over that will give you a progress report.

That should get rid of it.

Once you are sure it's gone re-enable System Restore.

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