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NTOSKRNL-HOOK and anti-malware

My PC is infected with NTOSKRNL-HOOK. When I scan with McAfee it detects the trojan and says that it has been removed, but it has not been removed. I did a search on these forums and found a thread that suggested using anti-malware, which I did. It detected 12 infected files (I have the log), which I deleted as suggested. I re-booted, ran McAfee again, and the trojan is still there. I am also now getting repeated error messages when I open anything that the application is not a valid Windows image, which I assume relates to the files that I deleted. Any suggestions? Do I need to immediately change passwords for sensitive appliations such as banking software?

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RE: NTOSKRNL-HOOK and anti-malware


Try secured2k boot cd.

If that does not resolve the issue.

Register at this forum Here and follow the steps outlined Here.

Post all the required logs in that forum, Not Here.

Good luck.