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NOTOSKRNL-HOOK virus stopped opening .exe help

pls help i am very much nurvious
my computer is infected .. whenever i scan with macafee every time it detect and delete NOTOSKRNL-HOOK rootkit.d!rootkit . but it comes again..
in this forum some experts advice some others thread to run malware or combofix software..
but to my extreme panic.. Even I coundnot run any of this soft. I have downloaded many software like antyspyware and combofix but whenever I try to run it just do nothing.. no dialog box no work,, I reapeted clicking but all in vain .I think .exe file could not run due to this virus..

moreover I have tried to edit registry .exe files.. "1%" %* something like that i forget exactly.. according to someones advice written this forum .. but that do nothing..

I am in despair.. I dont want to lose my precious documents and files by formating system

pls pls help me as soon as possible cause everytime I restart the computer the problem getting more bigger and critical
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RE: NOTOSKRNL-HOOK virus stopped opening .exe help


Have you tried scanning with Mcafee in safe mode? You can also try a online scan Here . The infection should not interfere with the scan.

RE: NOTOSKRNL-HOOK virus stopped opening .exe help

James -try Secured2K's boot disk.

Update the dats then when you boot- make sure you check the use dats from cd option before scanning (as these are the ones you have updated)

I too am dealing with the same trojan and currently running the scan.


RE: NOTOSKRNL-HOOK virus stopped opening .exe help

yes but it did not find the virus.I have also scaned online as u found 6 threat
i can post the summary of scan but dont know how to attach it here.

RE: NOTOSKRNL-HOOK virus stopped opening .exe help

James- did you download and create the boot disk as suggested in my previous post?

The infection of NTOSKRNL-HOOK I had on a users machine was removed using Secured2K's boot CD.

The scan of mine in safe mode did not clean all the infected files and was still present.

I suggest you run the boot cd to clean the machine



P.S. - just paste the txt into the post

RE: NOTOSKRNL-HOOK virus stopped opening .exe help

I'm no expert but you can probably copy your files to an external drive (as long as you're willing to risk corrupting that as well) even if you can't run programs. I had a similar problem and did have to re-format but I had no trouble copying the important word documents, etc to an external drive beforehand.

RE: NOTOSKRNL-HOOK virus stopped opening .exe help

Closing this thread as the OP is receiving help at one of the security forums.