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: ! My Picutre.SCR Virus


Kindly check for the following file ! My Picutre.SCR which we doubt is a virus and isaffecting many systems in domain. If we try to delete it we getthe error.

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Re: : ! My Picutre.SCR Virus

Hi lopaladhikari,

The screenshot is not displaying in your post, also it is unclear to me if this is the right forum for your post. Please check if thread is relevant to you on this case.

Hope this helps.

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Re: : ! My Picutre.SCR Virus

Moved to Corporate User Assistance in Malware Discussion as possibly a better spot.

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Re: : ! My Picutre.SCR Virus

McAfee knows this as "Generic MSIL.m" but there are numerous variants listed in the threat database. Those variants have been added over a period of at least one year, perhaps longer, so McAfee should be able to deal with it unless you have encountered a new variant.

Taking one of the variants at random and checking the removal instructions I note that as well as disabling System Restore you are advised to clean up the MBR. See

VirusTotal has numerous entries for this, and there differences in the naming of the infection across those entries. Some are classed by Microsft, for instance, as a Trojan or alternatively as a worm; so obviously it would help McAfee if you could isolate the infected file(s) and submit them to McAfee for analysis.

See the following for more information -