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AnyUCC is not Suspect program!

Only Stream file downloader.

You see so many users are affected.

Hurry up, Fix.

AnyUCC Status


AnyUCC Download URL

File removed for security reasons......Moderator.

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Re: Misdiagnosis!!!

Can someone more experienced take this one up please?

No-one's replied in over a week, so I went to Google AnYuCC to see what the problem might be. There is a site,, which has a grey SiteAdvisor rating and no reviews. Many of the Google results were for Chinese-language sites, but the anyucc site has this description of the product :

"AnyUCCis a sweet tool that lets you download any youtube video in various video or audio formats such as MP3, MP4, FLV for free. ( wav, avi, wmv, mov, mpg, ..."

The VirusTotal analysis of the anyucc download shows that McAfee, Comodo, Authentium, F-Prot, Sophos and Symantec all mark the .exe as suspect (see screenshot). I do not intend to download and check it myself.

Perhaps this thread should be moved and answered elsewhere.

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Re: Misdiagnosis!!!

I moved this provisionally from Community Feedback to Artemis Discussion as a more appropriate spot.

Any false findings should be submitted as per this:

But as Hayton has kindly stated, it's not just McAfee that is finding fault so good luck, perhaps the makers of the application offer some ideas?

Perhaps a solution has already been found as this post is almost 2 weeks old I noticed.

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