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Microsoft Edge Content Process Risky Connection

For some reason today, McAfee blocked a connection from the Microsoft Edge Content Process to the IP Address, according to here:

Apparrently the connection was in the middle of the Columbia River, which doesn't make much sense for a actual Microsoft Edge process to be trying to contact something in the middle of water. There hasn't been any form of thing like this happening for about a year now from what i know, so this appearing suddenly is really out of place and concerning.

Any idea on what is going on here?

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McAfee Employee dvarnell
McAfee Employee
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Re: Microsoft Edge Content Process Risky Connection

According to Trustedsource, that IP is categorized as high risk.

Re: Microsoft Edge Content Process Risky Connection

Thanks for that information, but it still doesn't make much sense for that connection to be made in the first place by the Microsoft Edge Content Process, and that is really concerning. If there's any idea on why this even happened in the first place, i'd like to know in case this is a really severe problem brewing in the computer.

Also, now that i think about it, this may be tied somewhat to the cause of why only in this year on May that risky connections have been blocked repeatedly and at a varyingly amplified rate. Perhaps this information in this picture could help with solving this problem. Untitled.png

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