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Mcafee won't find malware "total pc defender," wants me to pay $90

I have mcafee security center 2010 installed and running on my dad's computer. It is infected with a virus or malware called "total pc defender." It has the system locked down. I was able to update and scan wiht mcafee in safe mode and it doesn't even recognize the malware! I contacted customer support and they want me to pay $89.95 to have them help. I thought that was the whole point of buying the program in the first place? If I have to pay them to remove a virus why did I buy the software?! Help!

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Re: Mcafee won't find malware "total pc defender," wants me to pay $90

can you get on the internet? If you can you maywant to go to youtube.They have a few good videos on how to remove this specific virus.

Here is 1 if you cant get rid of it any other way.You may have it but Malwareantibyes is another good free program.That may help.

                                                                                                                        good luck Jack

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Re: Mcafee won't find malware "total pc defender," wants me to pay $90


The Virus Removal Service that support have recommended does cost an additional fee, as it's remote consultancy.

Here are some things to try:

Step 1: Run the FakeAlert Stinger

The most commonly reported malware is what we call the Fake Alert. This looks like a valid piece of security software, but is actually malware. Here's an article that can walk you through that. Important notice if you think you have a virus:

For more information on Rogue software and Fake Alerts: Recognizing and avoiding Rogue Software or FakeAlert Trojans -

If you're still having problems there are a couple more things to try.

Step 2: Run diagnostic scanners

Restart your computer and tap F8 repeatedly while booting up. You'll get a boot screen with choices, pick Safe Mode. Your PC will boot in a low resolution state as most processes wont be running.

Go to "My Computer" (XP) or "Computer" (Vista/7) and right-click the hard drive. Select "Scan" from the drop-down menu. All you'll see is an extra taskbar icon which will show a progress report if you hover over it. After the scan completes, make a note of anything it detected.

Run the Stinger you downloaded from step 2 again, but this time set the options to Report Only, and set Artemis to VERY HIGH.

When you post to the community for assistance, please let us know what (if anything) the Safe Mode scan reported, and paste in the report from Stinger.

Additional Information

Not all anti-virus and malware scanners are not 100% within the window between when a threat hits the internet and the security vendor becomes aware of that threat. McAfee uses Artemis technology to narrow that gap, but if we're missing something, we'd like to see a sample of it. It could be a new variant that hasn't been seen yet. If you know which file is infected, please upload a sample using any of the methods described here: If we have a DAT for it, the automated system will send you that DAT. If we don't yet, your sample will be assigned to a McAfee Labs Engineer for investigation.

Free Tools:
McAfee provides many free tools to assist you at the Virus Information Library:

In addition to information on thousands of viruses and malware, you can download tools here:

I hope this helps,


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Re: Mcafee won't find malware "total pc defender," wants me to pay $90

I had the same problem w/ "Total PC Defender" but never restarted my PC and used my Task Manager, i.e. Ctrl,Alt,Del to cancel the Application from running the 1st time it popped up. I made sure not to restart my PC as I then saw it popup under the start menu as a new program.. Don't know if this helped but it did not gain full control over my system nor had it disabled the Task Manager as of yet. I then did some research on the web and also chatted w/ McAfee support, who were very helpful. They actual pointed me to this community page and also refered me to the Virus Removal team, which apprently does cost money, if I didn't find anything useful on the community pages..

I read the previous posting and watched the YouTube Video on how to remove "Total PC Defender" did the steps as described in the Video and Holly-Cow..., it worked!!! No More Malware, I've restarted my PC several times and done several "Searches" on my PC for *Defender* and everything seems to be clean.. No Issues and it was very straight forward to remove it.. Now mind you, you do have to go into your Registry File and dink around so if your not familar with it then follow the advise of the guy on the video and download some sfw to do it for you..

Much Thanks to McAfee for providing the Forum and Bigger thanks to the Previous Posting for point me in the right direction w/ that YouTube Video..

Anyone who has this issue I would suggest trying the above solution, if not pay the money and have McAfee Virus Team do it for you.

Here is the YouTube Posting again if you missed it on the earlier posting.


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Re: Mcafee won't find malware "total pc defender," wants me to pay $90

Hi larry,

Yes there is a wealth of information on you tube for fixing computers.I believe the best method would be to let thepros do it for you.But in this economic nightmare,many people may not have $100.00 to pay out.The way i normally would do it is look for the problem you want to fix & see who has the most views & the highest rating. 5 stars being the best for anyone not familiar with you tube.

                                                                              Glad that worked for you.   Jack

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