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Mcafee stuck at 0% on scan... I suspect malware, what to do?

About a week ago I got the 'Metropolitan police virus'. I installed malwarebytes and trojan killer and ran scans with them. They both found infected files and the pop-up I would normally get had stopped appearing.

However after it had appeared to be cleaned from the system, I found my computer to be running slowly and programs would be constantly crashing. Suspecting there were still some infected files on my computer I

downloaded stinger, which turned up nothing. My computer only got worse though, I soon found I can't access the internet or do anything with my computer without it crashing and needing restarting after a couple of minutes. A friend of mine gave me the files needed to install avast! free anti-virus scanner. Upon scanning with it, it found 2 more infected files but my computer is still running very slowly and constantly crashing. I found i cannot scan with Mcafee either as the scan process never gets past 0%. Even in safe mode when Mcafee tries to scan an error message pops up telling me to try again.

I suspect the cause of this may be some infected files that I have not managed to clear from my system. Is there any way I can fix these problems/ remove the malware, whichever it may be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

p.s. I am using windows 7 if this affects the situation in any way.

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Re: Mcafee stuck at 0% on scan... I suspect malware, what to do?

See the last link in my signature for some hints and links.   FYI for future reference, the first thing to do when trouble like this surfaces is power down immediately without clicking anything.   Then try to initiate System Restore in safe Mode.

FYI Malwarebytes free can be downloaded, updated and run in 'Safe Mode with Networking' which might find somthing extra.

McAfee can also be run in a silent mode by right-clicking the taskbar link and selecting Scan.

There is also a removal guide for Metropolitan Police Malware here:

If that doesn't help follow the Hijackthis or DDS routine mentioned near the bottom of that last link.

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