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Mcafee full scan gets stopped

I have McAfee 2011. Wed the 22nd. I was no longer able to run a full scan on my computer. My computer told me real time scanning was turned off and the firewall was also not on. I can run a quick scan without problem and it finds nothing. I somethin is up because my itunes will stop loading and my modem and router have also failed. I noticed two strange icons on my desktop. Each was a faded pizza slice that I was able to delete but unsure of what they were. I have restored my computer the normal way and also throught safe mode. But when I attempt to use Mcafee again I get the same stuff. I am at the point where I think I just need to wipe the computer. I have looked at all the files for anything really strange but. Not sure what to look for. Also updates from Microsoft are being blocked as well when they are loaded back on. I can no longer get online. I was going to uninstall mcafee and reinstall but this was an online purchase. Any help would be appriciated.

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Re: Mcafee full scan gets stopped

This sounds like malware so I moved it accordingly.

You don't state what operating system and service pack you are using but I trust that whatever it is, it is up to date.

Try booting into 'Safe Mode' by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up and when there try to initiate a System Restore to before all this happened.

You should find System Restore in Start/All Programs/Accessories.

If that is successful please temporarily disable System Restore to get rid of the infected restore point.

Then update your system and update McAfee and anything else that needs it.

If you could give more information as in line 2 I can hopefully help more.

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