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McFee Failed to Protect my computer from VISTA Smart 2010 Virus/malware

I  purchased licensed McAfee  security software and currently a McFee  registered user. Everytime I  scan my computer, the McAfee security  centre always show me the message  my computer is always protected and  no virus and no spyware found. But  now my computer was attacked by  recent viurs originated from Russia, the  named- VISTA Smart Security  2010. I can not work anymore as the spyware  pop-up ad comes up every  seconds and stupid and useless McAfee security  software still showing  me no spyware found. I hereby request McAfee to  help me ASAP as I am  your registered user and my registration is until  2012. Otherwise if  you could not fully protect your software users you  are breaching the  customer rights by selling useless McAfee software.

Please  advise  me the solution ASAP to get rid of this Vista Smart Security  2010  virus. Otherwise, I hereby deserve a full refund for my wrong  choice of  purchaisng McAfee security software which can not protect its  user  computers.

If  McFee asking me to pay more to solve this problem, it is a breach of  consumer's right as I have already paid for 3 yrs registration cost me  about A$100.

If  McFee softaware failed to protect its users' computer from such  virus/spyware, their advertising of fully protection is a just a fraud  and fake which breaches the consumer right.

If McFee could not  help its registered user free of charges, we should take legal actions.

Please advise me the solution ASAP.

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Re: McFee Failed to Protect my computer from VISTA Smart 2010 Virus/malware


Firstly no AV company in the world will offer you 100% virus detection. New malware is written all the time, and although there is a lot of proactive technology in our software there will always be some things we don't catch immediately.

The Virus Removal Service is an option for anyone to use, McAfee customer or not - however we do produce and provide free tools and KB articles to help our customers. Here are some things to try:

Step 1: Ensure Windows and McAfee are up to date

Run Windows Update, and also update on your McAfee software. SecurityCenter must be green and show that protection is enabled. If it is red, please post what item shows not protected.

Step 2: Run Scan and Stinger in Safe Mode With Networking Support

  1. Restart your computer and press F8 repeatedly while booting up. You'll see a boot screen with choices.
  2. Using your cursor keys, select Safe Mode With Networking Support. Your PC will boot in a low resolution state and most processes will not be run.
  3. Go to My Computer (in XP) or Computer ( in Vista / 2007),
  4. Right-click the hard drive and select Scan from the drop-down menu. You'll notice an extra taskbar icon. If you hover over it, it will display a progress report.
  5. After the scan completes, make a note of anything it detected.
  6. Download the FakeAlert stinger and save it to your Desktop.
  7. Run Stinger.

If you're still having problems, try, the following:

Run the Stinger again, but this time click Preferences and change "On virus detection" to Report Only, set the "Heuristics" level to VERY HIGH, and disable the option to Scan inside compressed files.

Post to the community what (if anything) the Safe Mode scan reported, and also paste in the Stinger report.

Some of the most common malware we see is referred to as FakeAlert. It looks like valid security software. Please read the articles below for more information on FakeAlert and other Rogue applications:

Step 3: Submit a sample to McAfee Labs

If you know which file is infected, please upload it using any of the methods described here: How to submit a sample to McAfee Labs.

There is always a gap in protection between when a new threat hits the Internet and a security vendor such as McAfee becomes aware of the threat and and combats it. McAfee uses Artemis technology to narrow that gap, but if we miss something, we must receive a sample of it. It could be a new variant that hasn't been discovered yet. If we have a DAT for it, the automated system will send you that DAT. If we don't yet, your sample will be assigned to a McAfee Labs Engineer for investigation.

Step 4: Remove the Virus:

Self Virus Removal

McAfee provides many free tools to assist you. In addition to our Virus Information Library:, where you can find information on thousands of viruses and malware, you can download diagnostic tools here:

Community Support

Our volunteer and employee moderators are happy to assist you within our best efforts here in the community. Please perform the initial steps 1-3 above and post the reports they generate in your initial thread. That way hopefully, we can get right to the troubleshooting.

Hope this helps,


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Re: McFee Failed to Protect my computer from VISTA Smart 2010 Virus/malware


I regularly update McAfee, and the McAfee always show me the GREEN LIGHT all the seconds, but it did allow the penetration of trojan Vista smart security.

I do agree that the new virus are coming out every day, but as a Security Software supplier and developer, youhave to update everyday as well to prevent such new challenging malwares and virus. Does McAfee responsible for SALING your product only, not to take care of your customer providing after sales service???? You gonna be down then in this competitive global market ????

I exactly follow your instruction. Now it is getting worse after I did scanning and found 2 infected and 2 Quarantine.

Once finihsed scan as you intstructed, I can not even access the internet and all my program softwares, cos the computer quarantined all my softwares and internet. I can not even run Stinger then.

My computer is now totally DEADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

What shoudl I do now? Please send service man to my home or call my number to solve it out.

Or advise me how to make my computer alive agian??????

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Re: McFee Failed to Protect my computer from VISTA Smart 2010 Virus/malware


Follow the instructions in the link below, scroll down to follow all instructions and ignore the ads at the top. If you are unable to start your PC in normal mode, can you start it in safe mode with networking?.

Whilst i understand you frustration, the fact is that in order to protect user from any threat the vendor needs samples and samples can not be obtained through thin air, malware writers are becoming more ingenious in the way they try to protect their malware from being detected, vendors can receive up to 30,000+ plus samples a day, while some of the detection can be done automatically this is not the case with all, and there are only so many analyst`s to go around.

When buying any security product you are mainly paying for the programme and the updates to that programme during the course of your subscription, you are not paying for free virus removal, as if that were the case, you would be paying a hell of a lot more for the product than you currently do; you do however get free customer support.

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Re: McFee Failed to Protect my computer from VISTA Smart 2010 Virus/malware

Cross-posting this response from user "bay", which was posted as a comment to the document .

It does not work.

Let me repeat my problem here in again.

1) I regularly update Window and McAfee.

2) McAfee shows that my Computer is PROTECTED all the time I scanned and Green LIGHT is always on in McAfee. This is not a true or reliable indicator.


3)McAfee failed to prtotect when Vista Smart Sevurity 2010 penetrate my computer. Where were the McAfee sleeping in my computer, but I paid it for 3 years registration fee, is that worth to allow any malware to penetrate my computer when using such McAfee licensed software?????

4) I did all the instructions you mentioned above to get rid of such smarter Vista Smart 2010 malware.

5) After I did scanned with Safemode with networking, computer was scanned and observed  2 Quarantined actions  after scanning

6) After that, I open the Stinger software from desktop, but it is funny that the Scanned at Safe Mode Quarantined all the software and Windew I.E and FireFox access. I can not even open Stinger and any software and programm now?

7) My computer is completely dead now. I am posting this comment with lap-top.

8) What should I do now with a dead Window after follow up your instructions above ???

9) Send someone to my home or call me to fix that problem??

10) Or refund my McAfee 3 yrs registration fees?? so that I can switch to another more smarter and reliable Security Software.

11)Your service centre asks me to pay EUR 59.99 to fix that problem, but I paid registration fees for 3yrs. You have to provide customer care after sale service to your user since th elicensed is still under registration period.

Can you McAfee lab people think how to solve this problem as the above instruction is not working and just a rubbish and making the situation worse.

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Re: McFee Failed to Protect my computer from VISTA Smart 2010 Virus/malware

are you able to see do or see anything at all

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Re: McFee Failed to Protect my computer from VISTA Smart 2010 Virus/malware

you are not alone, please read the exchange of messages under' 'Re: Vista Anitvirus 2010 help'  . I will look to find any others with a simlar post and gather us altogether so we can have a more productive solution. I havbe tried most of what has been suggested and have spent time talking to friends and looking at infomtion on the internet and still have not been able to get my other laptop sorted out. I use it for business and have lost a day and a hlf already>


Chris DP

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Re: McFee Failed to Protect my computer from VISTA Smart 2010 Virus/malware

Hi bay:

Have you resolved this issue with McAfee?  How did it turn out?

I am curious because I am having the same issue with McAfee, and I just posted a comment on this forum under the Subject "Antivirus Action Infection".

Can you please give us an update?


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