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McAffee detected a virus, now firewall will not start. Error Code:0x6D9

Getting an error message and can't start my firewall.

I saw a message that McAffee had detected a virus that kept popping up over and over again, but stated no action required.

Shortly after, I noticed that my firewall was down and I couldn't start it up.

I went to Control Panel / System Security/ Fire Wall advanced setting and saw the following error:

The windows firewall with advanced Security snap-in failed to load.  Restart the Windows firewall service on the computer that you are managing.  Error code:0x6D9.

Tried Home user assistance Malware trouble shooting:

Ran scan and it found 1 virsus in "C:\Windows\system32\services.exe" "ZeroAccess.ds.gen.b"    "10"  (see attached)

appeared to have removed.

Then ran Stinger, and got the following:

can initiated on Thu Aug 02 04:43:24 2012

Rootkit scan result : Not Scanned

  Master Boot Record(s):....1

  Possibly Infected:.............0

  Boot Sector(s):.................2

  Possibly Infected: ............0


     Found the ZeroAccess trojan !!!

C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\{73E175A9-14CD-2387-C537-9E24933C5F6F}\U\800000CB.@ is infected with the ZeroAccess virus !!!

  Number of clean files: 21757

  Number of infected files: 1

loaded the latest dat files, but still having problem.

Went to the McAfee labs threat center and tried the solution for removing for ZeroAcess.a, but didn't work.  Appears to be a different variant.

ran GMER to try and remove, but didn't find the problem so nothing to remove and replace.  See attached.

Ran scan again, (see attached)  Still have the virus, 

Help!  How do I get rid of this thing?

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I was eventually able to fix this by upgrading to McAfeeTotal Protection 2013.  My firewall is up and running and i have  no detected viruses. on 12/20/12 4:31:15 PM CST
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