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McAfee won't detect "police" trojan; XP users independent?

I just got hit with a "police" trojan, a fake FBI page with ransomware. It has locked up my computer under one user, but seems not to affect the others--these are users under Windows XP. So I can do everything under a different user--from there I ran a full system scan for McAfee, Super Antispyware, and malwarebytes. All either came up with nothing or "fixed" everything. McAfee quick scan did not even detect the virus and the fact that one user is locked up.

So my question is--are the users on the same computer with XP firewalled from each other, or is McAfee worthless?  I've never really understood how the users are seperate or linked, but it seems that a system scan should scan all of them.

Meanwhile back to trying to get rid of the virus. If I do a restore back to yesterday under one user, do I have to be in safe mode and will everything get reset or just that one user?

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