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McAfee pop-up

I got a McAfee pop-up today saying that it detected a Trojan (unspecified) on my pc.  The message also told me to restart my computer so it could fix the problem.  So I did just that and then ran a full system scan.

The scan turned up nothing.  There were no issues at all.  Has anyone else experienced something like this?  Should I be worried?

I'm running a second scan right now but I wanted to ask here if there's anything else I should be doing here.

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Re: McAfee pop-up

That usually means the file was removed. What can happen is Mcafee cannot stop the file as it is loaded so removes it next reboot. Check your history and logs on the navigation page under Threats detected and see what it says.

As a check you can

- Join the McAfee Getsusp group at

You will have to ask there for Getsusp, which is a Beta program and not yet on general release.

Before you use Getsusp, you should go to this document

and download the PDF file explaining what Getsusp is and how it works, and this document

which downloads the installation guide PDF document.

When run post the logs in the getsusp board and a tech will analyse it for you free.

If you want another second opinion, or to be on the safe side, then you can do a scan with the free versions of these tools :

Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware

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