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McAfee has found trojan Artemis!E124E3ED6D8D on my computer.

Says I need to delete it but does not give instructions how.  When I run searches on my laptop, it is not detected.  It is detected by McAfee, identifying it is with 4 setup.exe files and a wizard setup for my stand alone seagate backup drive.  How do I remove this without deleting important files? 

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Re: McAfee has found trojan Artemis!E124E3ED6D8D on my computer.

Your McAfee Security has detected these files and quarantined them. This meaning that they will be analyzed. To Delete/Remove them from your computer, Open your McAfee UI,Navigation/ Quarantined and trusted Items/ and open Quarantined Items/select and delete/remove/restart.

If you feel that these files are Legitimate, please read the following 

I might add in addition ,you can Open your McAfee UI,Click on (Help) top right, then click on (Help) again for a "Tutorial" on how to use your individual McAfee Features. Note; On occasion it may throw up a (404) Error. Try again and it usually loads the page.

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