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McAfee files unknown to FileResearchCenter

Anyone who installs and runs SuperAntiSpyware is probably familiar with the link that offers users an opportunity to have all the files currently running on their system evaluated by the third party known as ( )

It's interesting to note that the people at FRC do not have all current McAfee files in their database. Following are two current McAfee files that are presently listed as "UNrecognized Applications and Files":

- MSKAPBHO.DLL (unknown part of McAfee suite)

- MCMSCSVC.EXE (part of Security Center)

FRC offers the user an opportunity to submit copies of the unidentified files for analysis, but since SuperAntiSpyware is sometimes recommended by the good people who moderate this board, I thought it worthwhile to post the discrepancy here FYI...

Regards, "Wuggy"
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RE: McAfee files unknown to FileResearchCenter

Hello Wuggy,

Even McAfee has a website where you can submit any unidentified or suspicious files to check and see whether it’s a good one or not - Click on Register a New User on the right top, and have them uploaded.

You can also use to check the file information
Reliable Contributor exbrit
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RE: McAfee files unknown to FileResearchCenter

Wuggy, thanks for the update.
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