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McAfee disabled, can't access internet

I have a virus(?) that has disabled McAfee Total Protection on my computer running Windows XP.  When Iog on and try to open MTP,  II don't get the gray rectangle with the green writing, I  get a white blank rectangele.  Also, my access to the internet is cut off.  I can not access Restore from the windows screen.  When I went to  the "F8" on booting up screen and chose Microsoft Console Recovery, I got a blue screen with a message saying "A problem has been detected  and Windows has been shut dwon to prevent damage to your computer.  ........If the screen appears agains follows these steps:  Check for viruses on your computer, etc."  Well, I can't do any of that because McAfee is disabled or appears as a white blank rectangle.  Malwarebytes still work.  It didn't find anything this time.  Two days before this happened, it found and quarantined 2 instances of "PUM.disable. securitycenter" - one in the registry data., the other in HKLM\Software\microsoft\security center\antivirusdisablenitify. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME.  By the way, Cisco Magic shows a disconnect between the computer and the router which it cannot repair.
Operating System: Windows XP Media Center Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3

Computer:  Dell XPS 600

Chip:  Pentium(r) D CPU 3.00GHz

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Re: McAfee disabled, can't access internet

I have a similar issue on my is a windows 7...mcaffee won't stay open long enough to run a scan...and in fact I recieve error messages and mcafee shuts down every time I try to run a scan.  I cannot connect ot internet either.

I have done system restore as well. 

I would appreciate any help on this topic.

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