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McAfee detected Generic.dx!ttw trojan. How to get my computer back to normal?


So a couple days ago my McAfee program detected Generic.dx!ttw trojan. When I first saw this, I went to my threats detected and quarantined section in McAfee, and saw that the trojans were in both sections.  Since McAfee detected it, I thought it protected my computer until right after I saw that my Real-Time Scanning was off in McAfee. I pressed the Turn On button, but after a second it automatically went back to being off.  I tried numerous times after to turn it on, and it still goes back off.  And Im assuming that the trojan is not letting me turn it on. 

I contacted a McAfee person online and told them about my problem, and said I had to pay $90.00 to get it fix by one of them. I refused, and tried to get more infomation on the trojan.  I didnt use my computer for about 3 days because I didnt know how much of a threat the trojan was.

I turned on my computer regularly yesterday, and as soon as I logged into my account these boxes started to randomly pop up, each saying that programs has stopped working. I never experienced this before and thought it was the trojan or any other virus doing this so I immediately shut down my computer.  I started it up again regularly and the same thing happened with the boxes, and then my icons on my desktop and toolbar disappeared. All I could see was my wallpaper. I shut off my computer again then started my computer in Safe Mode with Networking, and spoke to someone at McAfee over the internet.  They got some information about my computer and confirmed that my computer was infected and sent me a e-mail with different ways to try to fix my computer on my own.  I tried using their FreeScan program but when the new window pops up to go to it, the McAfee site says Im not authorized. So, now Im here trying to get advice on what to do with my computer.  I need my computer to start working properly again without wiping out my whole computer.  And paying $90.00 to McAfee is not an option for me, since I bought McAfee to prevent these kind of problems.

Im currently subscribed to McAfee and have a Dell Vista Inspiron Laptop. I dont know if this will help but I wrote two of my versions on McAfee below.

McAfee SecurityCenter

Version: 10.5

McAfee VirusScan

Version: 14.5

What can I do to make my computer work Malware-free ? Any response appreciated

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Re: McAfee detected Generic.dx!ttw trojan. How to get my computer back to normal?

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Re: McAfee detected Generic.dx!ttw trojan. How to get my computer back to normal?

McAfee protects against Generic.dx!ttw but no antivirus on the planet is 100% guaranteed to stop everything.    Be careful surfing, keep your system up to date and keep some updated anti-malware handy and ready to scan when needed such as the free version of THIS one.

If necessary that software can be installed, updated and run all in "Safe Mode with Networking" reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up.  In that mode one can usually run anti-malware without the infection having any effect.

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