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McAfee Starting Problems, and Windows 7 Problems

So about a 2 weeks ago Saturday i ran a full scan (as usual) and it came up with nothing.

I looked around on McAfee on Thursday and saw the firewall was down, ok thats happened before, didnt get around to fixing that.

When i came back this week to run a scan this Saturday McAfee wouldnt open, simply a white box and nothing else, so far i havent really found a fix for this as i found out yesterday.

so i try a full uninstall - reinstall and the uninstall launcher came up with a white box as well, so i looked around for a full force uninstaller to rid of McAfee, and whatever clenched on and was holding it captive

i found "iobit uninstaller" and did a batch uninstall and had it clear all keys from the registry, and it got rid of McAfee,

so i went to McAfee, Logged in and downloaded my subscribed software, it installed without any hiccups, but when it finshed and i went to launch it, it came back with the white box (Smart Virus) so i ran McAfee Virtual Technican and it came up with "No Products Found" even on my desktop McAfee Network Viewer says No other PC's with McAfee installed.

(Hmm Smarter Virus Anyone)  So i uninstalled McAfee with "iobit uninstaller" and got the next best thing...or sorta next best thing, Norton AntiVirus, 30-day trial so id at least have a Firewall and SOME Virus Protection, it scanned and found nothing (May'Be It Wants To Play Hide' N Seek) And im continually running scans so if it ever shows up (Not That Norton Could Find It)

I cant install "House Call", and MalwareBytes dont install either

-----Heres The Best Part------

Windows Issues

so i have Windows automatically backup every week, so as soon as i thought there was a virus i tried to restore...well the virus seems to have have deleted all the backups, even the one password protected and i have kept under many redundencies (?) but dont have backed up on an external HDD (BIG MISTAKE)

besides taking out the backups, it seems to have taken out the Windows Firewall, and All Automated Fixers say they work, and either they dont, or it automatically deletes it again and again

its also taken out the SFC (Sytem File Checker) Windows file system checker, it refuses to run, even in SafeBoot

A few little weird things, if my computer is on for the whole day it seems to have the screen go HayWire, When i Click on something it turns the screen black, and i can wake it back up by moving my mouse, extremly annoying because sometimes it turns off randomly

another is random deselecting of the window, havent even looked for a fix for this

Im Running Windows 7, with McAfee Security Center 3 year licence through DELL with this 2-Month old laptop

I have not run root kit remover yet, i intend to though

brand new to the forum i forget what information is needed besides OS, and McAfee type. Any tips i will try, any questions i will answer

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Re: McAfee Starting Problems, and Windows 7 Problems

Well if you get mcafee on again the blank box can be fixed by usually solution 1 here

That said no firewall working and the other issues seem to imply malware of sorts.

I suggest installing the programs listed here

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools

but with a proviso. If they do not download or install try renaming the setup file and the folder they are to be installed innto as some malware look for AV folders of certain names.

BTW to uninstall Mcafee follow ie uninstall via windows then run the MCPR removal tool I suggest not running other cleanup tools.

See it any above help. You may need to go to Mcafee and their virus removal paid service. $89 or so. I do not usually suggest this unless all other avenues via free software fail. The issue here is to ID the cause in the first place and then trawl for a solution. See how you go.

Re: McAfee Starting Problems, and Windows 7 Problems

Well that was weird Chrome just closed this webpage, as i was typing up my reply

I renamed the mcafee installer and now it wont run, i cant click accept on virtual technican.

the the pre-installer doesnt help

i dont know what to do know though, im gonna loo around for a not so well known antivirus thats free

i.e. ad-aware

Re: McAfee Starting Problems, and Windows 7 Problems

Try the uninstaller and then install say 1 of the free ones and see if you can install it. the fact that malwarebytes will not install is a worry but renaming its setup file and instal folder should help.

Please let me know what transpires

Re: McAfee Starting Problems, and Windows 7 Problems

i Will try what was mentioned, as follows is how i got Windows back to normal

i uninstalled McAfee and couldnt get it back on

I used ComboFix and it seems to have fixed Windows files, Firewall, Updates, the list is never ending

I then got Ad-Aware installed, did a full search and it found nothing

but so far so good no attacks on Windows yet, Stable so it seems, Not being able to Install McAfee is a major Red Flag, But i dont worry that much

im sure ill fix my own problems, and find the viruses at some point

Thank You For Your Help PeaceKeeper

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Re: McAfee Starting Problems, and Windows 7 Problems

Did you try starting up in safe mode?

try running a full scan of Microsofts bult in security essentials. Clean all cache files such as TEMP folders, cookie folder, Intenet temp folders. Make sure you get the c:Temp as well as the

You can also clean many of these by going into the Internet Options in Internet Explore tools under the General Tab and delete history file and check any that apply... click delete



c:\user\username\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\internet temp


Run the latest version of the STINGER TOOL do deal with rootkits and zeroaccess threats