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McAfee Security Center Firewall and realtime Scanning will not stay on

During a virus scan McAfee claimed it had detected and subsequently delt with a trojan, shortly after this a notification appeared telling me thaat the firewall was turned off. when I attempted to reactivate the firewall it immediatley turned itself off, I attempted to activate it again several times with no luck. I then scanned the computer but McAfee reported no problems. Fearing that it may be malware I downloaded Spybot search and destroy and malwarebytes, on reccomendation, both detected and proceeded to fix problems however spybot claimed that the computer would require restart to fully resolve one of the issues. After restart spybot was unable to remove the problem so I attempted to manually delete the problem files. Neither spybot nor malwarebytes can detect any problems ,however now realtime scanning has failed and will not turn back on. Furthermore I cannot activate windows defender or windows firewall, both claim to be turned off and attempting to turn either or results in an error.

The files I did track down appear to be from, a website I have never visited.

I have updated McAfee security center and tried again to find the culprit once again no problems were detected.

I an running Windows 7 and internet explorer 9 on the affected computer which has no internet access at present and I am worried about connecting it to the home router directly via ethernet cable.

Help is much appreciated thankyou .

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Re: McAfee Security Center Firewall and realtime Scanning will not stay on

Hello Scholar,

Appears as if your computer has recovered from a certain rootkit infection. (McAfee removing the trojan initially). The most probable reason why you are not able to turn on the firewalls of McAfee and Windows is that the services for these features might have been removed/deleted from your computer by the infection that had got in. From the symptoms that you decribed, I beleive you are using a 64 Bit OS.

To confirm whether this is the problem, open the run window on the computer (Windows key + R)>> You can find the Windows key to the botton left corner of the keyboard between the Ctrl and Alt keys, with the 'Flag'.

in the run window type "services.msc" <without the qoutes> and click on OK

This will take you to the list of services on the computer. Check whether you have the foll. services listed there.

1) Base Filtering Engine

2) Windows Firewall Service

if you dont find them there, this exactly is the problem.

There are a few ways to fix the problem by modifying the registry in certain ways.

Contacting Microsoft would be would be a good option. You can also try the McAfee tech support - They might be able to help as well.

Good luck


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