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McAfee & PC Guardian

I am not so computer literate that I can easily remove this fake programme.  I have good McAfee software to prevent this kind of intrusion, so why doesn't the purchased software stop this and other like programmes attacking my computer?  This is now going to cost me heaps to get my computer dude to visit and try and fix - grrrr

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Re: McAfee & PC Guardian

It's unfortunate but most antivirus software is fooled by these things.  Try the following and if it wont work in regular mode, try it all in 'Safe Mode with Networking' which is #2 on the menu reached when you tap F8 repeaedtly on startup.

Download, install and UPDATE (very important), the FREE version of THIS tool.

Run a full scan and let it remove anything it finds.

As that tool is designed to be used as a supplement to your antivirus software, I would keep it around for future use and keep it updated, just in case.

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