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McAfee Gets it Wrong Again

After a year in which McAfee users had to suffer with the McSVHost bug for most of the year, McAfee has jumped in again with both feet and is attempting to stop me doing legitimate things on my PC.

Many years ago, I purchased software from Phoenix Simulation Software as an add on to my Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The main setup files come in the form of an executable file, which is the base setup.  I've had these files working on my computer for many years, happily alongside McAfee.  Also backed up onto CD, as these were downloaded purchases.

Attempting to rebuild my Flight Simulator setup, copying files from the backup CDs to the computer, McAfee has now decided that these executable files are Trojans and set about deleting them from my computer.

It says that the program is a Trojan called "Generic PWS.y"  and preventing me from copying it from the CD to the hard drive, also not giving me the option to tell it that the file is OK.

As I said, I've had this software for years and have reinstalled from the CD many times over those years with no problem.  Now McAfee decides that it's a problem.

Sorry, but this is the last straw.  I need to have effective control over my computer.  I know that the McAfee software has a job to do, but we pay our money and expect it to do it correctly, not destroy legitimate files.

It can't say that the files on the CD now have a virus, as you don't get to write to a closed and protected CD.

See the message in the attached file....

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Re: McAfee Gets it Wrong Again

Moved to Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance for better attention.

Unfortunately in these days of ever increasing security mistakes occur.

Try following the steps in this document.

The 2011 software currently in public beta testing allows for file and folder exemptions to be made.

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