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McAfee Failed to protect VISTA SMART Security 2010 Virus/spywares

Along with my Dell Computer purchasing, I purchased the licensed McAfee  security software and currently a McFee registered user. Everytime I  scan my computer, the McAfee security centre always show me the message  my computer is always protected and no virus and no spyware found. But  now my computer was attacked by recent viurs originated from Russia, the  named- VISTA Smart Security 2010. I can not work anymore as the spyware  pop-up ad comes up every seconds and stupid and useless McAfee security  software still showing me no spyware found. I hereby request McAfee to  help me ASAP as I am your registered user and my registration is until  2012. Otherwise if you could not fully protect your software users you  are breaching the customer rights by selling useless McAfee software.

Please  advise me the solution ASAP to get rid of this Vista Smart Security  2010 virus. Otherwise, I hereby deserve a full refund for my wrong  choice of purchaisng McAfee security software which can not protect its  user computers.

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Re: McAfee Failed to protect VISTA SMART Security 2010 Virus/spywares

Triplicate thread. Locking.

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