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McAfee Detect AV2009 ( is it true?! )

After running the virus scan of McAfee (Comcast Security Center) i checked the quarantine programs and tracking cookies and as well the quarantine files and holaa McAfee detect Antivirus 2009, why it's been quarantine? and not prompt directly to be removed by McAfee after the scan? i removed the quarantine files of Antivirus 2009 but it still show at the bottom right the icon of a shield with white X on it. do you think McAfee already removed it (AV 2009)? need some guidance, thamk you ! 🙂

Duplicate. closed
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Anti virus 2009


Antivirus 2009 is a spyware infection
As McAfee has quarantine the AV2009-
What you need to do is
Search for the folders of Anti virus 2009 folders in c drive
Program files and delete them completely.
Then restart and check if you still find any icons
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RE: Anti virus 2009

This post was a duplicate and as such was closed on 19 January.