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Malware missed by McAfee

I currently run McAffee as my anti virus software. I have been having issues with Skype for the last few weeks and was contacted by someone from Microsoft Skype this morning. We discovered that when making a call my microphone was intermittmitently being muted, after trying various things he asked me to download and run malwarebytes which found that there was malware present on my computer which was causing this to happen, once it was quarantined and removed my Skype worked fine.

My question is if McAfee can miss this type of maleware what else can I do to prevent this happening again and if McAfee is not able to prevent this type of malware should I be looking at additional protection or elsewhere for another anti virus programme.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Malware missed by McAfee

Malwarebytes is a different kind of product so may catch something that McAfee doesn't.  (& vice versa).  That's an assumption as, without the name of it, it's not easy to say.

See the "Free 3rd Party" area of this document: 

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Re: Malware missed by McAfee

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