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Malware blocking

Since Sunday, Nov 28, (six days now) the day that the Guardian published WikiLeaks, I have not been able to access the

Guardian website.  I consistently get the following error message:  "Server not found: Firefox can't find the server at"  I get a similar message with Internet Explorer.

I am sure that the Guardian website is up.  There are constant links to it in the New York Times and other websites.

I believe that malware was installed on my computer on Nov 28 that blocks me from accessing the Guardian website.

Various anti-virus etc programs cannot find anything wrong with my computer.

1. How do I get rid of that malware?

2. Where is the best forum for this issue?

3. Where is the best place on the web to get help?   I am sure that others must have the same problem.

4. Who on the web keeps track of such malware?   How do I notify them of this problem?

Many thanks....!!!!!

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Re: Malware blocking

I doubt it's malware that would block just one particular site.  I know certain ISP's have been selectively blocking sites that have caused excess traffic but of course they would deny that.

You aren't alone here, read this thread to see if any of the suggestions there help:

You could try the Hijackthis idea near the bottom of this thread:

I can access the Guardian OK here on Rogers.

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Re: Malware blocking

Thanks for your suggestions, but, the problem continues.   I still feel that I have been infected by malware.

Your message at

suggested that I go to

where I found the instructions:

1. Browse to If that turns up the guardian for you, then the problem is DNS.

2. Go to Start > Run> Type cmd and click OK > type ipconfig /flushdns into the black box and hit enter.

I followed the instructions.

1.  I was able to browse to but I was still not able to reach

2. At the command prompt I typed in "ipconfig /flushdns"

    The immediate response was "Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache"

    That did not solve the problem.

The problem started when I clicked on a link while reading an article on Nov 25 about WikiLeaks at   I got the following error message:  "Server not found: Firefox can't find the server at"

Do you have any further suggestions?


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Re: Malware blocking

Did you download Hijackthis and post a log on one of the specialist forums along with the problem as I suggested above?

They should have suggestions on what's the best thing to do in this case.

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