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Latest Artemis update damages files for the LAST TIME - good riddance McAfee

I'm posting this in hopes that the new owners of the McAfee brand will take growing negative customer sentiment seriously and correct the course before the brand is the next Palm.

I've been an ardent McAfee user, both on all of my home systems and corporate environments of several hundred PCs, since the mid-1990s.

However, the past 12 - 18 months of "development" by McAfee has resulted in a product that no longer permits savvy technical users to isolate directories and locations from the increasingly agressive and error prone scanning technology.

As a CIO, I understand the need to make security software as user friendly as possible for the general public who, in most cases, would blindly wander into rush hour traffic because they saw something shiny on the other side of the highway.  Or in the case of the Internet, they just HAVE to see the latest picture of Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, regardless of warnings to avoid "those" sites.

The final straw in this increasingly frustrating 12 month oddessey was the erroneous flagging of several files contained ISO files as malware and PUPs, followed by the unilateral removal of the files.  The programs are now damaged beyond repair and must be restored from archive, causing delays and increasing overhead costs unnecessarily.  All of these programs have been added to the whitelist to avoid these incidents and many are internally developed custom written security audit software.  Add to this the diminishing capability of the support teams relocated to some anonymous call center in a semi-English speaking country staffed with "engineers" who are either incompetent or have no practical experience.  Or most likely both.

Therefore, beginning today, we are removing all McAfee installations at all sites and will not be renewing contracts.

I realize this is a small drop in the bucket for McAfee; however as the drops accumulate, it may become a tsunami.

Best of luck to those we leave behind.  I suspect we'll see you on other products in the next 24 months, as well.

Poorest possible regards to the New McAfee.

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