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Lando.gen-help to remove


Please help me to get rid of this virus, which pops up every now and then and also has made my system considerably slower. I have tried scanning in safe mode, have tried the stinger also, but nothing is of use. Please help how to remove this virus.

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Re: Lando.gen-help to remove

Please also posts more details about your computer. Like which version of Windows is installed. Which version of McAfee's software and whether both products are up-to-date. Did you check Microsoft's Update website? What was the result? Are you logged into Windows as "administrator" or as limited user? This document might be an interestign read: "Hot Tip:  Don’t surf as an ‘Administrator’"

What steps did you try to resolve the problem, apart from running the Stinger program? A good program to run is the Anti-Malware from MalwareBytes. Download and run the free version.

Other good program you might want to try is the Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool,

Let us know how it goes...

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