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Keep getting redirected to site

Iv'e ran several mcafee scans and did the stinger tool to and I'm still getting redirected to wierd web sites that just scream spam and viruses.  This is a copy of the link it sent me to when i clicked a link from a google search that was supposed to send me to a wiki page.  there were other sites to.

Link removed for safety reasons....Moderator

Also my windows firewall keeps shutting down and it wont let me re start it.  I ever did a system restore to several days ago when it was fine.  Ill continue to post any new info i get or links that it sends me to.



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Re: Keep getting redirected to site

I moved this to a more appropriate section - Malware Discussions, also got rid of that link in case someone clicks it.

Follow the instructions in this document, particularly the Safe Mode ones:

If that doesn't help follow the Hijackthis instructions nearer the bottom of this post:

You should be able to access URL's correctly by booting into "Safe Mode with Networking" which gives you the Internet whilst barring most programmes including malware from running.

To do that tap F8 repeatedly while booting up and then click the 2nd item in the ensuing menu.

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