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JTI/Suspect.1966(...) Threat?

Today, after McAfee did one of its scheduled analysis, I got the usual notification, but this time something was detected. It's in the category of "Virus or other threat" and that made me quite unsettled. The file is now in quarantine but not knowing what this is exactly makes me feel even more paranoid than what I already am. 
The full name of it is :       JTI/Suspect.196612!5ec106220b0e
And the file is TwitchClient.exe, which is in my Program Files on my AMD folder (makes me confused why this was detected now), more specifically AMD\CNext\CNext\twitch\TwitchClient.exe
I don't even know what that CNext folder is about.
I already tried to seach about it but can't find anything about this one in particular. 
Can anyone please help?