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Is anyone here familiar with the browserprotect.exe malware?

I have nuisance malware on my PC called browserprotect.exe and my McAfee Viruscan won't detect it or remove it. Any ideas?

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Re: Is anyone here familiar with the browserprotect.exe malware?

Moved to Malware Discussions as a better spot.

The first thing to try is System Restore to go back to before it struck.

If successful you should temporarily disable System Restore to delete the infected restore point.

Hints on doing that in the last link in my signature below.

Download DDS and post the log as instructed near the bottom of that same link.

Alternativel use Hijackthis and post its log on any of the forums listed just above the DDS section section.

Good luck.

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Re: Is anyone here familiar with the browserprotect.exe malware?

This description sounds about right (courtesy of James Tuttle, who posted a review to Glarysoft). I corrected a couple of typos.

BrowserProtect.exe is a piece of Malware included with the Babylon Toolbar (also sometimes installed with other freeware programs) that logs your keystrokes. It also creates a back door for hackers to take control of your system. When installed it places browser-hijack plugins into Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera. The ONLY known tool that's able to remove it currently is ComboFix.

He gives a link to a-rival-supplier's-site (ahem. Where's the McAfee description when you need it?)

There are posts about BrowserProtect.exe in various places. Some of the answers confuse the .EXE (which is malicious) with a Firefox add-on called BrowserProtect, which is legit.

See for example

For the confusion :

The BleepingComputer threads imply that ComboFix may not be needed, and that AdwCleaner might be sufficient. If you use that program be aware that when I tried it out it removed (among other things) SiteAdvisor from Chrome, so you would need to re-install SA afterwards.

The consensus is clearly that BrowserProtect comes as part of a package with Babylon Toolbar, and neither of those is good.

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