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Is McAfee ignoring "XP Internet Security 2011" Virus

I am rather upset that I have now had to remove the "XP Internet Security 2011" virus twice over a period of 3 weeks from a computer that is 'protected' with McAfee Total Protection (NOT).  It is worth noting that McAfee Virus Information does not include any information about this virus.  I can forgive a situation where a new virus is not protected, but this virus appears to have been around since November 2010 with extensive published information on the internet. The cynic in me believes that McAfee's products don't work all the time so that they can make more money by removing viruses (possibly multiple times by my experience) that should have not been able to get onto the system in the first place.  

Would anyone from McAfee like to comment on why this virus is not being prevented from being installed? (McAfee Total Protection says that everything is fine.)  I specifically paid good money for this product to minimise the amount of time that I need to spend repairing the family computers from viruses exactly like this one. 

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Re: Is McAfee ignoring "XP Internet Security 2011" Virus

Moved to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance.   It isn't a virus.   I'm afraid that no antivirus will detect this kind of 'fake anti-malware', you need specialist tools to get rid of them.  There is an excellent removal guide available on the web here:   Scroll down that page as the first links you see are mostly advertising that helps pay for their extremely useful forums.

They also have removal guides there for a whole host of similar fake anti-malware pests.

Basically to avoid these keep your machine always up to date and be very careful what you download and click on.

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