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Infection Help

I have recently been noticing problems with my Mcafee Total Protection and would appreciate some assistance.

PROBLEM: If I attempt to turn the firewall on it immediately turns itself off, this will happen no matter what I do.

I've ran Virtual Technition and am seeing this message.

Product Name:Personal Firewall
Product Version:12.6.186
Health Check Details
Service1 service(s) incorrect
Expected Service State Incorrect
Expected : running
Existing : stopped
Service: McMPFSvc "C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\McSvcHost\McSvHost.exe" /McCoreSvc

I also tried running stinger and malwarebytes but have had no success.
I attached a full log of the virtual technition if you'd like to browse that.

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Re: Infection Help

It may not be an infection, do you run Registry Cleaners by any chance?  They can cause this. If so, try restoring whatever it did.   Also competing software can cause issues, anything like that installed or previously installed?

But just in case upo date Malwarebytes (free version is best with McAfee and is linked in the last clickable link in my signature below along with other tools) and rerun it in Safe Mode.

Usually we recommend in these circumstances that people try starting afresh by uninstalling everything via Control Panel, running the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot, then reinstall from your online account.

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