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Im have a virus problem!

I downloaded a program because i was told i needed it to get an ebook and i got a virus from the site i downloaded it from and it is a nasty little thing and i need help.  i have exosted just about every free option i have in fighting this thing, here is my situation...

when i start up my comp(regular, safe mode, & safe mode with networking). it freezes anywhere from the loading startup to 15 min. into it but it will eventually freeze.  i have mccafee but it blocked me from starting up the program, i would start it and it would freeze or just not come up.  so i uninstalled it and now it wont let me reinstall it from the website or the cd.  now i am trying another program and it scans my computer but it can never finish because it eventually freezes up on me. i tried spybot s&d and that wont start either.  the only way i can get anything to scan is to go into the file by exploring and starting it manually.  i know that mccafee can scan my comp remotely but i have no money and cant pay the $90 they need for it.  not that i think it will help because to scan remotely i am pretty sure that i need to have my comp. not freeze up on me/them for that.  I have exosted all option and need some help.  Also if i do go through with the remote scan and pay the money, if it doesnt fix the problem do i still have to pay?

any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Im have a virus problem!

Hi josman087,

I would suggest you to contact technical support.

The link is provided below. You could make use of the McAfee Virtual Technician or "Chat and Email"  services.


Try using these. Let us know if it resolves your issue.



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