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I have a Virus and McAfee just doesn't delete it


I got a virus accidentaly so I bought McAfee. I made a full scan and then McAfee told me 3 where found and also some where put on quarentine. It deleted them all. But the problem still persists and I keep running scans (even on Windows Safe Mode) and McAfee won't find any problem.

The virus presents itself by creating empty windows or windows with advertisments over and over again, then on the Task Manager I can see a series of programs being runned called Liquorice & Sequela. I can delete them but they appear again. At some point my laptop starts to overload but I always seem to be able to close all the virus programs with the task manager but they appear again and render my laptop useless. Some icons that seem like games appear on my download folder, I delete them but they appear again. I have deleted weird apps with the Control Panel but that doesn't work. This brings me to believe that it is a very dodgy Trojan.

I'm running Windows 10 on a ASUS ROG Strix GL502VMK.

It has been like 4 hours since the problem started.

Please I need help!


Thank You


Kind Regards



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