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Huge folder downloads to My Documents daily

Every day @ 9:00 am a folder starts downloading in to My Documents from somewhere.  It takes about 30 minutes and while it's downloading everything else freezes up until it's finished.  It's huge in size and takes 2.6 GB.  I delete it every day and next day it happens again.  The folder has different identifying numbers every day - today it was 150210_09-27-11F - yesterday it was 140210_09-32-50F.  When I open it up there is an index.arb file and two larger files, one of which has an number aObaaa82-eb71-443d-afd5-35d9a8b4b6bf-1 and the other one [which is the largest - 1.8 GB has the same number except there is a 0 at the end instead of a 1.

Can anyone tell me what this is and more importantly what I can do to stop it taking over my machine every day?  I've always used McAfee for years now but new to this forum so I'm not sure I can even figure out how to get back in here to possibly find a proposed solution.

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