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How to remove a virus, and be sure its gone.

I am running the McAfee Security Suite (provided by my ISP, AT&T Uverse.

Its been running pretty well the past few months, but last night I noticed some issues with the computer running very slow (tried to type an email, and I could type 3-4 characters, then it would lock up for 2-3 seconds, then type 3-4 more, lock-up for 2-3 seconds, etc...   I closed the program, reopened, and it seemed better...

Then I noticed some pop-ups saying I needed to upgrade my flash player...   I closed those...    Then McAfee popup said it blocked an attempt to access a website (while I was typing my email)...  Then a few McAfee pop-ups mentioning a trojan found , "need to restart your computer..."...  I finished my emails, and then went to scan.

Automatic scans/updates are "on", but I still usually "manually" update and scan once a week or so.

Then I closed everything, "updated" the McAfee files, and ran a "full scan"... 

McAfee found 19 issues/virus's, but only corrected 18 of them...

There was some statement that McAfee couldn't remove/quarantine the remaining file;  "flashplayerupdate_123429.exe"  (I forget the EXACT name, but something like that).

I found it odd that McAfee could identify, but not remove or quarantine this file.    A "search" of my computer did NOT find this file...

I rebooted in "safemode" and re ran the scan.   Got the usual "your computer not protected" McAfee stuff (while in safe mode)...    Nothing else found...

Rebooted again in normal mode, and updated/rescanned (Full scan), and checked the box ("turn off computer on completion if no issues found").  this morning, the computer was "off"...

But I still wonder why McAfee found the issue, but said it could not remove/block/quarantine it.

And now it is finding nothing...

What should I do now?


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Re: How to remove a virus, and be sure its gone.

You could first try re-running the anti-virus in Safe Mode (reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up) but make sure it's up to date first, also make sure your operating system is totally up to date, especially Internet Explorer, even if you never use it (other applications do use it from time to time)..

In Safe Mode you wont be able to open the user interface, instead just go to "Computer" and right-click the hard drive and select "Scan" next to the McAfee icon.

See how the scan goes in that mode, it may be able to tackle all it discovers.

If not, don't worry, check the last link in my signature below and I suggest you run Malwarebytes Free from the link in there under 3rd party tools.

(Note the instructions on how to use it free of charge)

Tell me how you get along with that and when you post back more details such as the operating system, service pack (if applicable) etc.

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