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How to remove Spy-Agent.cj.gen.h

McAfee found this Thread >> Spy-Agent.cj.gen.h << in my C:\Downloads\
How do I remove this Thread withOUT screwing up dreamweaver software?
What options do I have?... Tnx
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RE: How to remove Spy-Agent.cj.gen.h

It may be a false detection so I would forward the files to the Threat Center for further analysis. If they reply that it is a trojan and you believe that to be wrong, then reply to that email keeping the header intact appealing their decision and they will send it for further testing.
To do that you will probably have to disable VirusScan temporarily.

Follow the guidelines in the sticky near to top of this forum:

If they do find it to be a false detection they will either include that in the next update or send you what is called an "extra.DAT".

Meanwhile you may wish to scan with some independent tools. Try the free versions of these two tools:

RE: How to remove Spy-Agent.cj.gen.h

The detection is from illegally downloaded software or a software 'crack' designed to break security in Adobe software. To remove this threat, delete the file containing the threat.